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Coaching is the selective application of powerful tools and methods to improve performance.

We believe that Executive Coaching should optimally be directed at key business priorities. Coaching can then be an integral and targeted part of the management process.

Our Method


We have dozens of Coaching tools and methods available to address a wide range of management needs. For example, in Executive Search to help clarify the client requirements and to help integrate the manager into the new position. These tools and methods can be applied across all business functions from Strategic Leadership to Corporate Social Responsibility and from Project Management to Stakeholder Relationships, depending upon business priorities


Coaching perhaps began with Socrates and his “Socratic method” of guided questioning. Nearly two and a half millennia later our method of guided questioning draws upon his legacy. We also apply other traditional techniques such as guided visualisations and a range of processes directed towards establishing goals, constructing new mental models and supportive emotional states of mind. Modern methods include the use of questionnaires and the GROW model developed by coaching pioneer Sir John Whitmore, together with findings from post-Freudian psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and research into team roles and dynamics.

Working with the client, we review the client’s priority areas and which tools and methods are most appropriate. These are then applied within a structured framework.

Coaching For Prioritised Business Areas

The prioritisation and targeting of an investment in Coaching should ideally align with business plans and objectives. Directing the application of the Coaching tools and methods at the most important business areas can help optimise overall results.           

Operational Plans and Management Objectives offer good pointers to where coaching might be targeted. Coaching is ideally included as part of the planning and budgeting process. A major capital project or other key initiative can include the provision of appropriate coaching resources to support achievement of the objectives. Yet unforeseen events represent an inescapable feature of management. Coaching can therefore be applied to help address unexpected opportunities and developments as they arise.      

All management functions, as well as people themselves, are potential beneficiaries of coaching. For example, virtually all businesses undertake projects which address specific objectives ranging from major capital schemes to integrating two businesses after a merger. Such investments often represent hundreds of millions of dollars. The potential return on a modest investment in coaching can be substantial.

Post-Appointment Coaching

The transition or integration process is seldom adequately addressed. All too often the appointment process ends when the selected candidate accepts the job offer. The consequence? Far too much is left to chance. There are often unrealistic expectations about how quickly a new senior manager will truly master their new role -  research shows that this typically takes around two years. That timescale needs to be recognised and managed.

Our structured three-month Post-Appointment Coaching programme is designed to facilitate management appointments, identify any obstacles which are hindering successful integration, and build a strong foundation going forward. The programme contains seven elements including clarifying goals and objectives as well as establishing sound and effective communications. Post-Appointment Coaching is included as an integral part of our Executive Search services.

Case studies of how we helped our coaching clients to achieve success

A high-potential postgraduate in a North African country had specialised in finance and was working as an intern at a bank. She was very unhappy there, believing that the time she had invested in studying finance had condemned her to spend the rest of her life doing work which she would never enjoy. We established that she was a very creative person, with great potential in strategy and problem solving, Working with us she was able to gain clarity on her goals and skills, establish what she really enjoyed doing, switch to a positive attitude and look more broadly for the right opportunity to apply her unique talents, experience, financial and analytical skills. We were delighted when she told us, only six months after the coaching, that she had changed jobs and was working as a project manager with a major international corporation, applying her talents across a range of industries and also directly using her language skills.

Oxana is a highly experienced senior leader executive coach who hugely helped me define and reach my goals at a cornerstone of my career. Looking at what I enjoyed most doing in my work and what I was therefore best at, she helped me define my aspirations and go for it. She takes a really positive and practical approach to reaching your goals building on your confidence and strengths. Thanks to her I went beyond just becoming a 'head of' but am now a committee member of a number of industry associations.

I really enjoyed working with her and would recommend Oxana to any executives looking for some coaching.

Virginie Bahon

A fast-track male manager in his early 30s decided upon a change of industry but he was uncertain as to what would be the best choice. We found that he had joined that industry by chance after leaving university and we worked with him to establish what would suit him. He had initial doubts regarding our quite radical suggestion. After deciding to try it, he settled in and it became clear that the right choice had been made. Following continued coaching during which obstacles were identified and addressed, promotion followed and his career has since gone from strength to strength.

Oxana Bristowe is a person with whom you feel comfortable. When communicating with her, you get the impression that you are talking with an old comrade, whom you've known for decades. Her ability to put herself into a person’s situation has no boundaries and is really cool. Answering the simplest questions, you do not need to look for an answer because the answer is always there on the top. Each conversation gave me much more objectivity in understanding myself and the goals to which I aspire.

At the same time, Oxana is a great negotiator. She builds a dialogue, in which you discover that these are not typical scenes taken from a book on teaching HR, but instead comes from her personal experience with expertise and deep professional skills. The most important result is cooperation with Oxana. The key benefit of my time spent with her is not even the position in the international company NAI Global, which I subsequently received, but instead achieving an understanding: it is my exclusive right to choose my future.

Fedir Bilotskyy

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