International Executive Search and Coaching

Leadership is at the heart of business.


Appointing the right person. Integrating them into their new environment. Supporting them in achieving success.


That’s what we do.


How large is the prize for getting it right? There really is no upper limit. Independent research confirms the enormous value of making the right appointments and creating winning teams.


Times are changing. Many of today’s most valuable companies are young. They started with a vision and they have achieved dramatic growth. From Energy to Finance, from Retail to Communications, from Leisure to Transport - the rate of change is truly unprecedented. And nations which were not major economies have been transforming into leading manufacturers and consumers. The momentum is unstoppable.


What is behind all this? IT and the Internet are part of it, together with science and technology. But changing attitudes are a major factor. And increasing popular concern about Climate Change and the Environment have shaken many well-established industries. The old Profit objective is now accompanied by People and Planet. Our “Creating Winners” video by award-winning film director Alex Parfenov outlines our own philosophy.


We seek holistic solutions. So we have invested in the integration of Executive Search and Executive Coaching to create a uniquely powerful combination.


Oxana Bristowe has a strong track record in delivering board, executive and senior management leadership appointments and has worked with dozens of corporate clients operating throughout the world. And we work with private clients - ranging from those at the start of their careers to senior executives and  board directors - to empower them to grow personally and professionally.


All the work we do for our clients is personally directed by Oxana Bristowe. Let us join forces with you.

Creating Winners

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