As well as conducting conventional Executive Search (“headhunting”) work for clients we also represent a number of very senior Corporate Leaders and Senior Executives. 


Our role resembles that of the Super Agents in the sporting world who are behind the headline-grabbing, multi-million dollar transfers of key players between clubs. They trust us to represent them in strictly confidential discussions with company Chairmen and principals. This aspect of our work is handled personally by Oxana Bristowe.


These exceptional people are highly-experienced and they have outstanding career histories. Some of them seek to apply their knowledge and experience in high-impact Non-Executive Director and Advisory roles. Others of them are looking for their next big executive opportunity.


As part of this work we constantly monitor the market for suitable opportunities where they can make a major contribution, regardless of whether there is a vacancy to fill. This is a proactive approach, rather than the more reactive “vacancy-filling” of much conventional headhunting.


This highly-specialised service currently focuses on the Oil and Gas, Mining and the associated Investment Banking and Private Equity sectors. 


If you would like to discuss how one of these exceptional people might be able to help your company or you have an exceptional track record of success and would like to have a confidential chat about how we might represent you in the market, please contact Oxana Bristowe personally: oxana@oxanabristowe.com


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