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Your career is your biggest long-term asset. The days of spending your entire working life with a single employer - who will be responsible for your career, your development, your training, your mentoring and your coaching - are long gone.

These days your career is your responsibility. And that’s great! You can do it much better yourself...and faster...using expert advice and assistance. Longer working lives give bigger returns on your investments in your degree, postgraduate qualification, training and coaching. And not just in terms of money - we need to enjoy our jobs, whatever they might be. The idea of spending our working lives feeling unhappy or unfulfilled is simply unacceptable.  

Our clients share these views. Often they find it hard to initially express exactly what they seek. Except that they know they need to “move on” from where they are. They want to progress - take more responsibility, make a bigger contribution, fulfil their potential, grow as people, help to develop others, be happier, escape from a longstanding stagnating situation etc.

Example of results our clients have achieved


●    Design a career path which aligns their skills, talents and experience
●    Win a better job with their current employer
●    Win a long-desired promotion
●    Get the perfect job with another employer after a long period of drifting without progress
●    Make a great success of their next appointment


Does that sound too good to be true? It is what we deliver. Oxana has achieved this for clients in many parts of the world from different backgrounds and cultures, for example from Australia, India, France, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and the UK.  

There are many spin-off benefits from this. Increased confidence. Inner knowledge of “what you offer”, clarity on “what you really want” and “what you deserve”. A greater ability to project yourself, to really stand out - whatever your job might be. Did we mention happiness? That too. The very best part is when clients call in with news of their successes and their great results!

Why work with Oxana?


The key reason is that I deliver results. I studied International Human Resources Management for my MBA, I am a qualified coach and I have more than 20 years experience in executive search and career coaching. I want to empower my clients to find careers that they love where they can apply all of who they are and use all of their talents and gifts, help them to find happiness and fulfilment!


Our coaching programmes


We currently offer four products which address different client situations.

BREAKOUT achieve the next level of your career success

This is a 13-week programme where Oxana will work with you to design a plan to achieve major changes to your career and your life. This programme is for anyone who feels stuck in their current situation, who are seeking promotion or a new job, people who are in career transition or those who are seeking to get assistance, advice and accountability relating to their career goals and career development plan.

The programme is tailored to individual needs. It is a structured process using proven methods and includes the following:

●    Achieving clarity on your skills, experience, and talents
●    Mindset work that leads to progress and empowerment
●    Identifying your key values
●    Achieving clarity on weaknesses that hold you back and drawing up your development plant
●    Introduction to success habits
●    Integration of your career goals with other areas of your life - family, social, financial, spiritual,

●    Identifying and dealing with blocks, fears and limiting beliefs
●    Working on increasing confidence
●    Working on identifying and putting into action tactics and strategies to achieve specific career        

●    Reviewing your CV and Linkedin and other social media profiles
●    Effective communication of your brand to the market
●    Advice on developing strong networks which will support your career goals
●    Assistance with identifying target market and sharing contacts

You will get 10-12 hours of face-to-face coaching with Oxana via Skype etc. or by telephone and also regular text or email communication during the programme. Investment in your success:  £1397


BREAKOUT - foundation

This is a 5-week programme which forms part of the full BREAKOUT programme. Oxana will work with you to review your career and discuss what you want to achieve. This programme is ideal for people seeking to get assistance, advice and accountability related to their career development and goals. Some clients find that it is all they initially need to get the results they require. Others then extend into the full BREAKOUT programme. It includes the following:  

●    Achieving clarity on your key skills, experience and talents
●    Defining short, mid-term and long-term career goals
●    Exploration of options for how best to develop your career going forward based upon your values

      and needs
●    Developing awareness of any gaps between now and your next career move
●    Drawing up a plan for how to close the gap
●    Reviewing your CV and Linkedin and other social media profiles
●    Advice on developing strong networks which will support your career goals

You will get 5-6 hours of face-to-face coaching with Oxana via Skype etc. or by telephone and also regular text or email communication during the programme. Investment in your success: £597. Optional upgrade to full BREAKOUT programme: £997.

STANDOUTeffective personal branding

This is a 7-week programme designed for clients who want to speed-up and boost their job-search process. It includes the following:

●    Getting clarity on your job-search goal
●    Getting clarity on your skills, experience and expertise
●    Creating your ideal job-description
●    Aligning your mindset with your job-search process and ultimate success
●    Producing effective CV and Linkedin profiles aligned with your objectives
●    Discussing how you can improve your visibility in your target market, including social media         


●    Discussing your job-search strategy

You will get 6 hours of face-to-face consultation with Oxana via Skype etc. or by telephone and also regular text or email communication during the programme. Investment in your success: £797

NEW JOB SUPERSTAR - post-appointment coaching

This is a 13-week structured programme and is an integral part of our Executive Search services for our corporate clients. It is designed to to help people in management positions at all levels to optimise their performance when taking up a new position e.g. on promotion or with a new employer. One of our Advisors has said “I just wish this had been available to me during my corporate career when I changed jobs”. We have now decided to offer this programme to our private coaching clients. It operates on a strictly confidential basis - your employer will not be involved in the programme and will not be aware of your use of the programme. Oxana will work with you to address key areas which research has identified are crucial in making a success of a new management appointment. These include:

●    Explaining the importance of the Integration Process, the Timescale and how Planning and

      Coaching can support success
●    Addressing your Personal Goals and Developing Mindset to achieve them
●    How your job integrates with the Company Strategy and Objectives
●    Building a Solid Foundation, ideally starting even before the Interview Stage
●    Developing Relationships with Direct Reports and Peers
●    Developing Relationships with Suppliers, Customers and Specialists
●    Developing Relationships with your Manager and Board etc.

You will get 10-12 hours of face-to-face coaching with Oxana via Skype etc. or by telephone and also regular text or email communication during the programme. Investment in your success as a private client: £1397



Before deciding which of our coaching products is right for you, we offer a free no-obligation Career Review Strategy Session. The purpose is for you to reflect on where you are in your career, where you want to be and what you need to do to achieve your next career goal.  

CRESS is conducted by Oxana via Skype, FaceTime or similar video link. You will have the opportunity to share in confidence with her your current career situation and discuss how you can achieve your goals going forward. The process is structured and uses a short questionnaire which you will complete prior to the session. Toward the end of the session Oxana will provide you with her feedback and share with you how you could benefit from working with her on achieving your career goals and success. The session will be of 45 minutes duration and can be conducted in English, Russian or Ukrainian.

Please email us to arrange your FREE Career Review Strategy Session:

Case studies of how we helped our coaching clients to achieve success

Career Coaching


A female executive was looking to secure a position which she had been seeking for a long time.  She knew what she wanted but lacked confidence in her ability to find her dream job. We worked with her for a short period of time addressing her lack of self-belief, strengthening her awareness in her core skills and experience, and helping her to clearly communicate her unique offerings to potential employers. We also helped her with job-search strategy and making introductions to the contacts which we have in the industry to assist her with her goal. After only 2 months she secured her dream job.

A female client in her early 30s wanted to change her career path and move to a different industry. She had a very strong vision about her long-term goal but she did not know where to start or how to set herself on the right track to achieve her vision. We worked with her to identify her transferable skills and experience, helped her to get clarity on what she was good at, developed a career plan by breaking it down to some short-term and medium term milestones, and helped her to align her mindset with what she needed to do first. After 6 months of intensive work she secured her first job in the new industry and she is very excited about her career and achieving her vision.

Oxana is a highly experienced senior leader executive coach who hugely helped me define and reach my goals at a cornerstone of my career. Looking at what I enjoyed most doing in my work and what I was therefore best at, she helped me define my aspirations and go for it. She takes a really positive and practical approach to reaching your goals building on your confidence and strengths. Thanks to her I went beyond just becoming a 'head of' but am now a committee member of a number of industry associations.

I really enjoyed working with her and would recommend Oxana to any executives looking for some coaching.



Battuya Gankhuyag

Oxana is one of the most professional International Executive Search experts I have had the opportunity of working with. She combines her business acumen ability to communicate on the international stage. She is highly regarded and a treasure to work with. She is always respectful and her candidate care is impressive. She manages teams well and provides excellent reports for her clients. If you have Oxana on your team you are sure to achieve, actually an outstanding reputation. Oxana would make a fantastic Resourcing Director of any corporate Energy company until then I truly wish her well in her role. I would hire her immediately if the opportunity arose without any hesitation.





Jacqueline Clarke

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